The Yellow Tree House restaurant in a tree was essentially an advertising campaign that was planned and built in 111 days, time frames were critical to co-ordinate with film crews documenting the process for T.V adverts and a viral internet campaign.


Dudley Enoka

CEO Yellow Pages Group:

"The Yellow Treehouse campaign was an extremely ambitious undertaking for everyone involved in the project. It was a high risk assignment which delivered some first rate results for not only Yellow but the many people who participated in making it happen.


"Project Management was critical, as much of the work was "a first" and involved co-ordinating the efforts of a wide range of experts. The project involved some unique challenges including managing to an extremely tight timeline. Joe worked closely with the architect and engineer to select and manage multiple disciplines such as builders, sub contractors, trades, caterers, suppliers and film crews.


"Impressively the project delivered within our budget parameters and importantly was delivered on time".