Cashel Street Gym, Christchurch 

New Lynn Gym prior to painting and repairs 

New Lynn gym, repaired and painted incl joinery, achieved while this busy gym was operating. 

New addition boxing ring in Takapuna gym 



When Les Mills New Zealand require, additions, maintenance, repairs or a rebuild anywhere nationwide they call us to manage it for them.


Blair Wolfgram

National Property

& Facility Manager

Les Mills NewZealand


"Les Mills New Zealand have utilised Project Control for a wide variety of projects around New Zealand, the scope of responsibility includes recladding, repainting, extensions to existing commercial buildings, feasibility modelling and development planning.


Most recently we selected Project Control to manage the repairs and renovations to our flag ship gym in Cashel Street Christchurch following the earthquake of Feb 22, 2011. Usually renovations and repairs are undertaken while the gyms are open and operational where public safety is critical but with Christchurch the gym was located in the CBD Red Zone and Project Control worked with us to ensure the cordons were rolled back and the public secured access to the gym once the work was completed.


The reason we choose Project Control to deliver critical jobs for our business is because they understand our people and our operation, they understand the principles behind our success providing certainty they will act professionally on our behalf".