Value Engineering


This is often carried out at the front end of a project during the initial feasibility modelling and cost planning.


Sometimes initial estimates or tenders put a project outside the acceptable cost range even before it has begun so we look at everything from the type of contract through to materials, finishes and plant to find ways of constructing the project within budget.


 With our practical on site experience we know how a building goes together and what we can do to alter the design or procurement strategy to bring costs down.


On other occasions a project may be pushed over budget part way through construction due to unforeseen circumstances or a need to alter the original brief, when this happens we need to find savings in the forward work while ensuring we do not impede the contractors work on site.


This can be very difficult, but we have gained the respect of many clients and architects alike by achieving these savings without diminishing the brief or architects vision. Our strength here is in our practical onsite experience enabling Project Control to find more lateral solutions to cost issues.



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