Fishermans Wharf Refurbishment

Case Study



Originally constructed in 1971 this Auckland landmark sat vacant for a number of years prior to its amazing refurbishment. Project Control Principal Joe Holden worked tirelessly to coordinate the needs of the Tenant and Developer in line with the architect’s vision to deliver a project which is inspired.





On a critically tight programme with forward bookings confirmed even before the consent was approved this project presented challenges on a daily basis, due to the nature of its original construction and the adhoc manner in which it had been altered over the years, this building offered enough structural issues to last a lifetime.





 Joe worked hand in hand with stakeholders the main contractor and suppliers for this major refurbishment. Issues on this job were not just the practical aspects of re cladding a building in the middle of winter, but as half the structure overhangs the ocean many critical activities were subject to tidal and weather constraints. Delays caused by massive unforeseen structural upgrades had pushed out the programme completion and the tenant had functions booked, one being for the Commonwealth Heads of Government.



As well as meeting the brief from the stakeholders Joe had to nurse the project through a number of successful CPU (Certificate of Public Use) applications with the North shore City Council in order for the function bookings to be honoured. This was one of those projects where the bar is set as high as you dare, the team commits and then a number of unforeseen events conspire to challenge your success, this is where having practical experience embodied in a strong project manager really comes to the fore.





Our team were always going to succeed anything less was not acceptable, it’s because we own our projects and we take them personally that we can make this statement and we can make it stick.




This job exemplifies what Project Control is all about, we face the issues, we solve them, we move on.



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