Quality Control and Administration


This can be a standalone service or utilised as part of overall project



Project Control will appoint a Quality Manager for your project, this person

will act in a similar role to a clerk of works.


This service monitors all construction activities on site checking actual

against design. The primary focus is around accuracy and quality and includes

checking structure for plumb and straightness, checking all services are in

place prior to lining , gib fixing and stopping, painting, finishing trims,

fittings and cabinetry, external finishes, commissioning and scenario testing.


The objective is to provide a defect free project at hand over and a high level

of finish over all. To achieve this we carry out inspections during

construction at two day intervals and compile a current defect list from this,

we then agree close out dates with the contractor and update the list at every

inspection, this is a far superior method of closing out defects than the

conventional inspection by the architect at hand over.


For this service to really function the conditions of contract need to include

the main contractors agreement to inspections and an agreed close out period –

say 5 working days, this way the contractor has already agreed to provide the

resource to manage and mitigate defects during the period sub contractors are

on site as opposed to post hand over.


This methodology is just as relevant to residential applications as it is to

high tech installations such as data centres.



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