Feasibility studies.


This is one of the first steps in any project.


Here we formalise the clients brief, we look at what it's going to cost to meet that brief and we look at the projected returns or we put a business case around those costs.


This is not limited to simply spread sheeting out project cost vs. return; it can also include meeting town planning requirements, critical deadlines and matching the requirements of the target end user market.


Probably the most important aspect of any feasibility study is meeting the requirements of our client’s funders in order for a project to become tangible.


Principal Joe Holden has successfully carried out studies of this nature within the retail, office and the performing arts sectors on projects with values up to 90 million dollars.


It is always a challenge making a project “stack up” but done correctly a good feasibility model forms the template from which all critical decisions are measured against during the life of a project.



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